ERP made simple

Being software experts, we know your concerns from hundreds of installations. You are looking for a modern and innovative solution which meets all demands, operates safely, can be installed noiselessly and with little expense, integrates existing isolated solutions, allows transparent connections, is user friendly,… and so on.

With all of these and many other demands we are most familiar, and we have got what you are looking for. For companies in the textile sector we provide the best solution – that is what our customers confirm even after having evaluated alternatives of multinational software firms.

We know the requirements of your users and have created a solution before others even understood the problem. Moreover we are qualified on all important IT issues. Our solution is open (running under Windows or LINUX), integrates most recent .NET and web technologies, is able to integrate e-business functionalities like Business intelligence, SCM, CRM, etc.

You can learn more about the modular standard software texware/CS here on our homepage or in a personal meeting with us. We would be pleased to place a contact with a CIO colleague at one of our customers. You can start an initial contact here.