User Meeting 2016

Innovations, developments and trends


Providing texware/CS users with comprehensive information on innovations, developments and trends inside the ERP software was again the target of this year’s update texware User Meeting. The two-day event took place in Hotel Fichtelgebirgshof in Himmelkron near Kulmbach from June 09-10, 2016. The nearly 40 participants were genuinely excited. Top-class presentations provided valuable insights into topics related to IT and the textile industry, thus creating a comprehensive event program.


Thursday, June 09, 2016

After the reception and welcoming of the participants by update texware CEO Friedrich J. Römer, the event started on Thursday afternoon with a topic that is supposedly of relevance in every company. In his lecture „Demographic change and the textile industry“ Mr. Matthias Krüger, CEO of Krüger / Väth Personal- und Unternehmensberatung BDU, set the current situation against potential opprortunities.

Nowadays textile industry has to cope with an image problem. Decreasing and dying industries in our region and in the whole of Germany, the relocation of production to Eastern Europe or the Far East, unattractive working conditions or in some cases also the lack of faith of the employees into the sustainability of their own company – all these factors contribute to the situation that companies are no longer in the stronger position in the acquisition of workforce. In addition, we face a demographic aging of society. With the baby boomers approaching retirement age, the figures of older employees rise. At the same time, the count of junior staff as well as the group of young people, available for the job training market and hence perspectively for the job market, decreases as a result of lower birth rates.

This traditional branch of industry has experienced an extreme change over the last 20 years. Although the industry shrank, it became in return much more innovative and technologically high developed. Accordingly, skilled workers will in future be urgently needed. In his presentation, Mr. Krüger explained in detail how companies should now respond to the impact of demographic change and what measures can be taken to present the own company as an attractive employer.

In order to get into the mood for the networking in the evening, the participants afterwards joined together for a sightseeing tour to the „Deutsches Dampflokomotiv Museum“ (German Steam Locomotive Museum) in Neuenmarkt. A good opportunity to get to know each other or to refresh contacts established in previous years in a relaxed atmosphere, while attending an interesting guided tour.


Friday, June 10, 2016

The second day of the event was opened by Andreas Wilhelm from our partner company Format Software Service GmbH with a presentation on „Traffic in Finishing Processes and efficient customs clearance in the supply chain“ – focusing on „Passive finishing“. This topic was interesting especially for our customers who have outsourced parts of their production or even the entire production to a third country.

Since production abroad often causes multiple customs handlings before the goods can be placed under the final customs procedure, Mr. Wilhelm showed that by connecting the software solution from Format to the existing ERP system texware/CS you can handle the customs procedures for passive finishing safely, comfortably and with minimal effort, and keep the customs duties at a minimum. Throughout the event, he and his colleague Mrs. Regina Konrad were available to the participants for questions about this topic.

Following Mr. Wilhelm´s presentation, Mr. Ronald Miesbauer, update texware system administrator, presented a very important topic. With the headline „Deficient data protection - the safe way into a catastrophe“ he intended to shake up the audience. In practice, loss of data happens faster and unfortunately more frequently than you would think. Reasons can be e.g. hardware problems, power failure, natural disasters or just carelessness of an employee. Moreover in times of „Locky“ & Co. a regular and complete backup is inevitable. As long as the IT-systems run smoothly, this topic often sinks into oblivion. In many cases an insufficiently carried out data backup is not noticed before it is too late. A significant loss of data can have serious consequences for a company, ranging from costly and time-consuming recovery operations to threatening the company’s overall existence.

In order to avoid such scenarios for our customers, Mr. Miesbauer explained various proceedings for an orderly data backup in texware/CS – including the use of the software solution „OpenEgde Replication Plus“ from our partner company and database supplier Progress Software GmbH. He also motivated the customers to attend to their backup duty - in their own interest. Still now, after the event, Mr. Miesbauer is available for questions about this topic.

The main topic of the event agenda was, as usual, the presentation of the texware/CS-NEWS by our Development Manager Martin Speidel. Release 16.1 offers numerous innovations and enhancements, in general functions as well as in in the sectors Sales, Materials Management/Inventory, Purchasing, Production, Business Administration and Interfaces.

Release 16.1- a few highlights:

- Roles as extended user authorizations
- Progress OpenEdge AppServer
- Optimized browser exports via right mouse click
- Dynamic direct-calls from the browsers
- Extension of the Bonus Accounting
- Extension of the selection options of program Inventory - Rebook by diverse criteria
- Calculating minimum inventory by sales quantities
- Purchase invoice control – adding/removing goods receipts
- Canceling receipts with warehouse bookout
- Planning - Requirements triggered by multiply planning-relevant B.O.M.s
- Costing calculation from the Order Overview
- Mapping 3rd party systems
- and many more...


The Release Documentation 16.1 provides all details. The final get-together offered another opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss issues and intensify contacts to all participants.

„Especially in the textile industry, networking is an important instrument to create innovation and sustained success. Therefore, we are very happy that our regular User Meetings offer a platform not only to gain additional benefits for our company and our software development by the exchange of information and experiences, but also to promote partnerships between our customers“ sums up update texware CEO Friedrich J. Römer.

All presentations of this year‘s User Meeting and the texware/CS-module-descriptions are available for reference on the USB stick, which all participants have received at the end of the event. For any further question on specific topics, please contact our team by phone at +49 (0) 9221-895 0 or via email to You can also address your Project Manager directly. We would also be pleased to establish a contact between you and our partner companies.