ERP Business Software for the entire textile value chain


Our core service is our ERP Business Software texware/CS. It has been created specifically for the requirements of the textile and clothing industry as well as the textile trade, and thus covers the entire textile value chain.

Yarn, fabrics, finishing, apparel or retail - texware/CS ensures transparency and a consistent data flow in each link of the process chain. Moreover texware/CS will give you support for a modern, cross-process and customer-oriented planning of your operations.

Our industry-specific and modular solution integrates all business areas from order entry and materials management, production planning and control (PPC) to shipping and business administration. The holistic approach includes, if necessary, even the point of sale. texware/CS covers the needs of fully and partially integrated textile companies and their flow of information with suppliers and customers.



Our ERP Business Software is an integrated total solution, which unites process complexity and textile know-how with structure and transparency.

Standardized functionalities and customized software adjustments ensure flexibility and stability based on the latest .NET-technology. The parameters control in texware/CS enables companies to easily and quickly map their company specific circumstances without consuming customizing. Due to the graphical user interface, most applications are self-explanatory. That ensures a high level of user acceptance and reduces training time and effort significantly.

Cross-departmental workflows facilitate work processes significantly.

Go ahead - with texware/CS you pull the strings!


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(Textile) highlights ensure your success

» Multidimensional article structure: articles / sizes / colors / variations / (clothing sizes for garment)
» Quantity units - and multiple conversion, e.g. m-sqm-yards / Nm-Dtex-Tex
» Gross / net / trade weight (trade / actual humidity), tara
» Season- / range- / set- / lot-issues with projection
» Multi-level production planning and calculation
» Bulk order management / dispositions / calls
» Batch-/single lot tracking from greige material up to finished products as a requirement for quality management/certifications
» Piece number management / piece cutting (lengthwise and crosswise)
» Subcontracting
» Handling of all kinds of
  - textile production (weaving, warping, knitting, nonwovens, tufting etc.),
  - subsequent finishing processes (deying, finishing, printing, laminating etc.)
  - further processing up to the finished product
» Sales programs (various articles combined into sets)
» Object / project management


Strengths of our ERP Business Software texware/CS

» One solution for all business areas
» Multilingual versions for international use
» Suitable for use in all segments of textile production, organisation structures and different-sized companies
» .NET and web technologies as technologic strategies
» Various platform options: Windows, Linux
» Integration of e-Technologies:
  - e-Business
  - Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  - Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  - Business Intelligence (BI)
» Web based portals to support customer and supplier relations
» Interfaces for integration of
  - textile parts (PDA, CAD, PDM, scanners, scales etc.),
  - organisation (accounting, email/ fax, office-tools, DMS, web shops)
  - logistics (forwarders, customs etc.)


This way you can integrate departments an processes into a single system

The following chart indicates which departments and workflow steps are covered by texware/CS. Even in the standard version, the solution designed for organisations of the textile industry offers specially customized components which can easily be adapted to your conditions. A click on the chart will open a new window and show you the integration and the supported department/tasks in detail.
texware/CS - Die textilspezifische ERP Business Software zur Integration aller Unternehmensbereiche (Einkauf, Beschaffung, Vertrieb, Versand, Materialwirtschaft, Lager, Produktion, Disposition, Qualitätsmanagement, Betriebswirtschaft, Kalkulation)