Web Based Portals


Accurate information is the basis for important decisions on all corporate levels and steps of the value chain. With texware/CS.Web a continuous chain of communication between suppliers (producers), manufacturers and customers can be set up.




»» Customer Portal
  » Information about their own orders, order history, dates, quantities delivered, contract status
  » Display of the production progress (on request)
  » Direct posting of orders (on request)
»» Inventory Overview
  » Information about the current availability of goods
  » Information about planned quantities (on request)




»» Supplier Portal
  » Confirmation of orders with dates, quantities and prices
  » Completion reports of production orders; as required on staff and/or operation level
  » Production feedback by piece number and/or quantity(s)
  » Overview of already existing completion reports
  » Display of documents related to purchase orders and/or production orders




With texware/CS.Web (internet portal) we provide a tool that enables you to communicate globally with your business partners (suppliers, customers etc.) in an easier, more effective and less costly way.

Without expensive software settings - only a web browser is required - suppliers, external facilities/subcontractors etc. have the opportunity to access their relevant information and to edit it via web.

In addition to that, it is possible to purposefully share information (messages, documents). Results are current and identical information and the avoidance of double inputs – that means saving time while minimizing errors.

Structured input methods and their verification for plausibility, as well as defined permissions, allow integration into your existing IT structure.

texware/CS.Web - a service for customers, suppliers and sales representatives.



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